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By Kelly Tafoya

This color typically resonates with leprechauns and the Wizard of Oz. However, 2013 marks the year of Emerald Green. Seen in magazines like Teen Vogue, Lucky and Glamour, this vibrant color is going to be a HUGE hit for the new year.

What a promising rich color for a whole new year full of potential. According to the Mayans we weren’t even supposed to hit 2013! So instead of thinking what you have to lose this year think about what you’re going to GAIN. (Yes I may have seen a few too many Special K commercials quoting that). Where would you like to be 365 days from now? I know it’s cliche but clothes can be the tiny step to help get you where you want to be. Trying to work out more? It’s easier to talk yourself to the gym if you get to wear a cute outfit you feel confident in! Hoping to get a promotion? Putting the extra effort to always look clean and polished goes a long way! Looking for a new guy? Looking extra fabulous never hurt anyone!

Going off of the future take a moment to reflect upon this past year. What were you doing a year ago today? 365 days makes a much bigger difference than we realize. The lucky part about a new year though is that whether the past 365 days were good or bad: here you are! Probably having learned a thing or two and having become a stronger person from it. That’s the beauty of emerald green: it’s bold and it doesn’t back down. So here are some touches to revamp your wardrobe (or home) with this year’s themed color to cheers to the new you! Best of luck!